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Arkout 3D Deluxe

Let yourself dive into tremendous world of 3D space. A new game based upon famous arkanoid/breakout offers you to take
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6 November 2010

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Based on the concept of Atari’s Breakout games of 70s, the legendary game of Arkanoid, with its formal launch in 1986, came to us as a big hit in the whole arcade gaming arena and didn’t take much time in becoming one of the most popular games of those years. Since then, this game has featured in a number of different forms and with diverse variations in order to break the monotony of traditional gameplay among its enthusiasts. Due to enhancement in the capabilities of PCs, there are many Arkanoid games being developed with enhanced graphics and layouts with one very nice remake being the Arkout 3D Deluxe v.3.3.

Arkout 3D Deluxe by NovaGame Inc. is a freeware game based on the traditional Arkanoid game. The game has a 3D interface with the player viewing the whole gameplay from the bottom of the paddle. Thus the player has to hit back the ball coming towards the paddle which is his viewpoint and navigate the paddle in all directions instead of left and right movements. The game offers an extra element of difficulty as the ball now bounces on all the four side walls in the column like structure. The whole game consists of around hundred levels of gameplay spread across two episodes with a number of different missions and skill levels. The game consists of a perfect blend of theme oriented music and amazing graphics with an additional effect of colored shadow of the ball on the walls. You have to catch the power-ups that drop from the bricks but be cautious of the negative power-ups as they make your gameplay even more challenging for a short duration.

To conclude with, Arkout 3D Deluxe v.3.3 is a nice remake of the traditional Arkanoid game with its amazing visual effects and a number of power-ups, bot positive and negative, in order to keep you on toes. hence, it receives a score of four rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

Let yourself dive into tremendous world of 3D space. A new game based upon famous arkanoid/breakout offers you to take part in a challenging mission. You have two episodes with more than hundred levels to go through. Variety of missions and skill levels allow you to choose the game you need and then improve your skills untill you win. Lots of helpful and harmful bonuses make your playing interesting and exciting. Music and graphics create unique atmosphere of absolutely new world, where you are to survive. Bricks skins help you to change the scenery according to your mood and taste. Flexible options allow you to adjust game fully to your taste and computer. Arkout 3D Hall of fame helps you to share your success with your family and friends.In full version you enjoy:- classic and modern episode- easy, medium and hard skill levels- more then 150 levels, each with unique pattern- autosave function- free support- all future versions for free
Arkout 3D Deluxe
Arkout 3D Deluxe
Version 3.3
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